The Charity Dreamgirls

The Charity Dreamgirls is an entirely voluntary and self-funding group of volunteers, based in the North of England.

Identifying that there are over 169,000 charities in England and Wales, and yet awareness of a large percentage of these charities are low, the group, established in 2007, wanted to create greater awareness of selected charities through a series of events and publicity opportunities.

A majority of the events created, managed and executed by the modest team are in high public traffic areas – allowing their partners messages to reach the public directly and with impact.

As events are usually free to attend, they are completely inclusive and see a wide range of the public take part – from young to mature, from restricted income to financially established.

Usually there is a music and celebrity theme to the events to gain additional publicity and public attention. (All entertainers are paid expenses only with thank you gifts being provided through sponsors.)

Any members of the committee who perform do not take expenses, additionally our volunteers do not get paid for their time and donate their expenses back to the organisation.

This voluntary organisation is one of many emerging community groups passionate about making a difference to those in greater need.

Currently much funding for organisations of this nature is extremely limited and highly sought after, and to date, The Charity Dreamgirls have not benefited from any National funding schemes.

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