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2013: Celebrating 7 Years

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The Charity Dreamgirls celebrated 7 years of raising awareness and funds for smaller charities with a celebratory concert at the Huddersfield Town Hall on Friday 29th November.

2013_newsAHeadlining was Double Brit Award Winner Heather Small, and the concert also featured X-Factor’s The Risk (including Huddersfield’s Ashford Campbell), Jaz Ellington (star of BBC’s The Voice), X-Factor’s (and our newest patron) Melanie Masson, Dance Diva Angie Brown, the stunning Hot Gospel choir, The Charity Dreamgirls with a 14 piece band, Voxe and celebrity and special guest comperes.

Read Kate Hardcastles intro from the evening:

“The beautiful town hall  has had a stunning face lift, and we wanted to show everyone just how beautiful this venue is. Tonight – you will hear some of the UK’s very best – all on one stage, and all on one night – due to their huge commitment for the need to work together as a community.2013_aaposter

The heroes & heroines I would like to bring your attention to, are all the stars behind the scenes – turn in any direction tonight – the prizes on offer, the lights, the sound, the ticket sellers, the balloons and beautiful dressings – everything you see here tonight is because someone was kind enough to say – YES! Despite the recession, the challenges of running a business, the family commitments –  people who say a big yes to putting back in.

Most of them will be among you – in fact, maybe sat right next to you – so why not, say hello and ask them. Have a chat about their involvement – and tell them what a great job they have done.

posterAThat random act of kindness is so important. You may not know, but 90% of us struggle with confidence from time to time – and this has quite devastating effect to those struggling in their youth.

Its why after 5 years of amazing work for many charities and good causes, The Charity Dreamgirls backed me in launching Positive Image last year – and I’m delighted we are here tonight to highlight this vital campaign.

We’re also here to celebrate the fantastic local charity that is the Forget Me Not Trust. When I was able, after many years of working Internationally, to set up an office for Insight with Passion in Huddersfield – I became increasingly aware of the pivotal work of the organisation.

As a parent, the idea of a child suffering a life limiting illness is one that terrifies. The support and the vital expertise that is needed is right at the heart of the care of Forget Me Not Trust. I am in awe of their work – and it is a pleasure to raise further awareness of the vital funds they need to keep their magnificent Huddersfield based facility going. Please – if you do nothing else tomorrow, log onto their website – www.forgetmenotchild.co.uk

Thank you for being here. I hope you have a fantastic night.

Every person who worked since January to make this happen have done so in a completely voluntary capacity, paying their own petrol, making sacrifices each time they help. For me personally, tonight was a 3000 hour investment. It is done because we believe in it – we enjoy it – and we want to create the start of a ‘butterfly effect’ – the movement of one set of wings having a magnificent overall effect.”




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